I am pleased to have reached a resolution with James Hardie Industries. I am proud to have served as CEO, with the opportunity to work with more than 5,000 energized teammates.

As I reflect on my past 5 years as President and later CEO at James Hardie, I am incredibly pleased and grateful for my time at the company. Through the good and the bad, I can’t say enough about the brilliant people I’ve worked with, thousands of incredible customers we provided products for, hundreds of engaged investors and equity analysts, and countless memories I have been able to make. For that, I am truly grateful and honored for the opportunity. As CEO, we grew James Hardie’s market capitalization by more than US$13 billion (+370%), its annual revenue by more than US$1 billion (+45%, organically), and its net profit by more than US$260 million (+85%). This was the direct result of the entire global team’s execution of a transformational strategy that turned James Hardie from a regionally-focused company into a high performing, global enterprise with multiple growth engines that delivered consistent, organic growth with strong returns.

James Hardie’s market capitalization (+370%)
Annual revenue (+45% organically)
Net profit (+85%)

I wish nothing but success for the people of James Hardie. Now, I look forward to my next opportunity to realize a company’s full growth and value creation potential. Having led successful business transformations at 3M, Electrolux, and most recently James Hardie, I will continue to prioritize innovation, disruption, and efficiency to achieve optimal results while simultaneously establishing long-term stability.